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Why does job searching and finding professionals in the 21st century still look like an iceberg and how not to face it? How to meet deadlines and find the most relevant job for the suitable specialist?

And now you can have access to a huge range of opportunities

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The labor market is one of the most important metrics of civilization's development. The emergence, obsolescence, and disappearance of professions is a normal cycle in world civilization.The market demand for specialists shows the level of technological sophistication in the fields in which they are in demand.

For recruiters

Don't waste your time. Find a relevant candidate here. Human Resource Hub provides recruiters with features to improve the hiring process.
Here are some of them

Talent Finder

Connect to a huge talent base from a diverse industry to find the best candidates.

Solid verification of skills

Improve the accuracy of candidate competency assessments by leveraging the power of community and blockchain capabilities, instead of manual validation. More talent for the same resources.

Incentive-based reward model

Self-plan your search campaign budget, divided among the responding candidates as incentive rewards.

Analytics & Reporting

Get valuable insights from data to make data-driven decisions and optimize your hiring process.

Systems to automate matching (STAM)

Sketch a portrait of your ideal candidate and customize a precise match using smart filters and intelligent assistant Starsky, so that dynamic search algorithms can match hundreds of attributes to the optimal candidate quickly and efficiently.

A system for automating recruiting processes (ATS)

Save time in proficiency testing with a test automation system, challenges, and video interviews for in-depth assessment of candidate skills.

Applicant Management

Define the candidate status in different stages of hiring to make the process more transparent for all participants.

For applicants

Start your career with HRH. Human Resource Hub offers opportunities for applicants that can help with the job search process

Easy profile creation

Create a detailed universal profile in HRH based on your CV in just a couple of minutes with AI

Personalized vacancies

Get rid of all the junk! Only view truly relevant jobs that match your experience, expectations and salary.

Easy apply

Easily apply to hundreds of relevant vacancies. Check how the job is right for you. Need unique cover letters? Automate it!

Earn rewards while seeking your dream job

Your time and your data has a value. HRH offers web3 tools to earn money and get rewards during your job search.

Schedule interviews

Don't miss the important things. Organize convenient times for calls and interviews. Use a convenient Dashboard.

Track application status

Stay informed about the hiring process. Transparent recruitment procedure and clear criteria for evaluating candidates.


Exchange feedback with employers to improve your skills and interview preparation.

Plan your career

Get the latest analytics and career advice

Features is a multi-functional tool for recruiters and job seekers. We offer intelligent search, smart forms and rewards for activity.

Striving to create an open standard of interaction, makes the hiring process transparent and fair. Human Resource Hub is a unique solution that meets the needs of today's labor market.

  • Maintaining a balance of people in employment

  • Secure authorization via crypto wallets

  • Confirmation of professional qualifications and skills

  • Matching the most relevant professionals and job openings, for professional self-development

  • Monitoring market trends for professional development and increase the market value of the person

  • Effective communication using the Applicant Relationship Management System

  • Automation of standard interactions: correspondence, surveys, resumes, payments and more

  • Receiving salaries and rewards via a transparent and secure blockchain

  • Signing employment contracts and formalizing other business relationships

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