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Why does job searching and finding professionals in the 21st century still look like an iceberg and how not to face it?
How to meet deadlines and find the most relevant job for the suitable specialist?

HRH.APP is innovative tool for hiring

professionals worldwide.

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The labor market is one of the most important metrics of civilization's development.

The emergence, obsolescence, and disappearance of professions is a normal cycle in world civilization.
The market demand for specialists shows the level of technological sophistication in the fields in which they are in demand.


HRH.APP is a tool

The fundamental open standard for recruiting professionals

  • Maintaining a balance of people in employment

  • Secure authorization via crypto wallets

  • Confirmation of professional qualifications and skills

  • Matching the most relevant professionals and job openings, for professional self-development

  • Monitoring market trends for professional development and increase the market value of the person

  • Effective communication using the Applicant Relationship Management System

  • Automation of standard interactions: correspondence, surveys, resumes, payments and more

  • Receiving salaries and rewards via a transparent and secure blockchain

  • Signing employment contracts and formalizing other business relationships


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